Independent Data Analytics – Google Cloud Engineering

Why trust your analytics to the people providing your marketing services? Gain the advantage and hold your SEO / SEM company accountable for the services they provide!

We provide independent website marketing analytics and data warehousing on Google Cloud Platform. Get the analytics that matter to your organization. We analyze your online marketing with a variety of tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Google Cloud Platform’s serverless Data Warehouse, Big Query (for those Big Data Projects).

We use other tools, such as Tableau for your visualizations as well as Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets for spreadsheet analysis. We can provide LOOKUPS, Pivot Tables and Charts. We deliver results to you on a regular basis, depending on your needs.

While we do specialize in website marketing analytics, we provide other analytics services as well, such as Payroll, HR and Finance.

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I appreciate my clients and respect their privacy. I do not sell or share any information about you or the actual work I do for you. Confidentiality, honesty and Integrity are the cornerstones of my ideals and beliefs. My guarantee to you.

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