XL Mobile Media

(Note – XL Digital Media has rebranded to XL Mobile Media)

I provide Data Analytics and Google Cloud Platform Engineering. While I specialize in online marketing, I can handle most other requests for Data Analytics, such as HR, Finance and more!

I am an Independent Data Analyst and Multi-Cloud Engineer. I DO NOT sell advertising (or SEO / SEM products or services). I provide you analytics across all of your marketing efforts, so that you can hold your advertising agency accountable. I provide relevant business intelligence so you can make informed decisions and spend your money wisely, increasing your market share and profits!

I provide reporting and analytics to you from a variety of sources and in multiple formats, including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Tableau as well as SQL and Python Data Analysis. (Others are in progress, such as R Programming and PowerBI.)

I include Google Big Query services for your Data Warehouse needs, to handle the Big Data that your organization produces. Big Query is Google’s serverless data warehouse and can handle petabyte scale data analytics! (* If you decide you want to utilize it, you are only charged for what you use, as I do not mark up on that service.)

I can analyze your social media analytics, as well as other search engines, not just Google. Yahoo! / Bing, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, and LinkedIn are some examples.

I am excited about the future of data analytics and what it holds for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I hope that you are excited about it as well and will reach out to see how I might be help you achieve your data analytics goals, and help you increase your bottom line as well.

Gain the competitive advantage by CALLING 469-751-2933 or EMAILING: support@xlmobilemedia.com TODAY for your next level experience in data analysis! (I do not and will not have Meta -Facebook or Instagram – or TikTok accounts.)

I appreciate my clients and respect their privacy. I do not sell or share any information about you or the actual work I do for you. Confidentiality, honesty and Integrity are the cornerstones of my ideals and beliefs. My guarantee to you.

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