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(NOTE: XL Digital Media has rebranded to XL Mobile Media.)

Scott Becker – XL Digital Media

“Scott has given our business amazing in depth business intelligence. This information has allowed us to make incredibly wise business decisions on audience direction, spending allocations, valuable website corrections and tweaks from: load times, audience behavior, age demographics, page relevance, content evaluation, etc.”

“Scott has helped us move forward armed with the right tools of insight. Our profit margins have risen by twenty-five percent from his expertise. We are extremely grateful in the many ways he has helped us to streamline our business, increase our presence and expand our market share.”

Jim L. Provence –Colonial Services

“Scott Becker and his company, Xl Digital Media provided the initial website design and set up for our E-Commerce website,”

“Scott was instrumental in getting our business on the World Wide Web and helping us to promote it. His knowledge and expertise in such areas as WordPress set up, blogging and web analytics, along with Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization techniques, helped us establish our digital footprint and grow our online business.”

“I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone wanting to take their online business experience to the next level.”

Sharla Alford VialGuard

I am excited about the future of data analytics and what it holds for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I hope that you are excited about it as well and will reach out to see how I might be help you achieve your data analytics goals, and help you increase your bottom line as well.

I appreciate my clients and respect their privacy. I do not sell or share any information about you or the actual work I do for you. Confidentiality, honesty and Integrity are the cornerstones of my ideals and beliefs. My guarantee to you.

If you want to write a letter of reference or recommendation, I would greatly appreciate it and definitely welcome it!

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