In 2009 I was working as the Director of Operations for a contract security company in Dallas, Texas. While trying to get the owners of the company to embrace digital technology and the World Wide Web, I worked closely with our telecom to establish a digital footprint. The telecom sold the company a “guaranteed click package”. They would guarantee we would get so many clicks (I think the initial threshold was 90 clicks) to our website each month.

I could not understand how they could offer something like that and provide us with relevant traffic that would bring in actual customers. So, I went to work to learn as much as I could about online advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I attended workshops and took online courses in Google Ads (then Adwords) and Google Analytics, as well as learning how to code (HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript) and develop websites. I created and maintained our social media accounts as well.

I boosted our online presence and rankings on the major search engines by registering our website with as many online directories as I could. I then ran paid ads on Google’s Search and Display networks and produced YouTube videos as well, resulting in overall increased sales and revenues. My trick… 3 keywords – “Dallas Security Guards”. I focused on associating our website with those keywords because I did my research and those were the most popular for where I was and what I was trying to advertise at the time.

In 2013 I started Xl Mobile Media, LLC offering small and medium sized businesses those services with the idea that companies need to be transparent in what they are providing to their clients. I specialized in website design, web hosting and providing SEM / SEO services, as well as Google Analytics. I operated the business under the dba of Xl Digital Media.

In 2022 I moved to Houston, Texas and rebranded the company back to XL Mobile Media. I now specialize in Data Analytics and Google Cloud Engineering. I can also provide data analysis in Google’s serverless data warehouse, Big Query.

I am excited about the future of data analytics and what it holds for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I hope that you are excited about it as well and will reach out to see how I might be help you achieve your data analytics goals, and help you increase your bottom line as well.

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I appreciate my clients and respect their privacy. I do not sell or share any information about you or the actual work I do for you. Confidentiality, honesty and Integrity are the cornerstones of my ideals and beliefs. My guarantee to you.

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